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monica doughertyMonica is an artist, art therapist, author and teacher. After a few years working in TV production she left the bright lights of New York City and returned home to Chicago to follow new dreams. Along the way there were countless jobs as a temp secretary to pay the bills as she pursued a freelance art career. After fulfilling her biggest dream – becoming a mother – she went on to become an art therapist, author and art teacher. In her role as an art therapist she has worked with pre-school, elementary and high school students.

She also works at a facility which provides services for adults with intellectual, physical and developmental disabilities, offering creative opportunities for enhanced self-esteem, for the expression of feelings, for stimulating a sense of joy and supplying opportunities for success. She is a published author and creator of The Laughing Angels©, a whimsical and merry group of beings who inspired her first book, You’re A Miracle…Pass It On!

When not working you can find her happily creating, listening to old radio programs, binging on favorite movies, and TV shows, spending time with her family and, with her band of Spirit Sisters,

Inheritors of Silence and Secrets

National Famine Memorial, 'coffin Ship', Westport, Croagh Patrick, Co Mayo, Ireland

Inheritors of Silence and Secrets is an original screenplay based on true events.

Capture of Joshua GloverAfter inheriting a family ring from her mother, a TV reporter from Chicago travels across the ocean to the home of her ancestors—the land of storytelling—and back in time to discover the saga of the ring and her family’s part in the tragic and life-altering events surrounding the Great Hunger in Ireland in the 1840s. Interwoven in their story is the plight of a group of Native Oneida people and of Joshua Glover, a runaway slave. His decision to stop running sets in motion tragic events, culminating in the loss of over 400 lives one stormy night with the sinking of the steamship, the Lady Elgin.


Native American Culture StrippedThe stories of the Irish, Native American and African American tribal history tells of the effect of cultural loss. To make a new life after that loss—language, culture, land, spiritual choice—the dispossessed must put the past behind them and leave one fight to begin another. Losing touch with their cultures, they lost touch with themselves, opening the way to addictions, abandonment and an enforced identity. The Irish over-achieved in order to put the painful past behind them, eventually transmuting denied feelings into the almost comical Irish pride and pugnaciousness, which covered the brutality of the real situation. Native Americans and African Americans were also left with the consequences of destroyed cultures, which impacted generations.

Inheritors of Silence and Secrets is not a story of retribution, but one of understanding. In the words of Bishop Desmond Tutu, “A wound must be cleaned out and examined before it will heal. It is the unexamined wound that festers and finally poisons.” It is in going back that we often find the way forward.

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