cover images of americaImages in America: Irish American Heritage Center
In 1976 a small group of Irish Americans was looking for a permanent place to celebrate and share their heritage and culture. After many fundraisers, they purchased an abandoned, graffiti-covered building on the northwest side of Chicago. Since day one a crew of passionate volunteers transformed the derelict structure into a premier institution showcasing dance, music, festivals, language, history, and art. But for the vision of those original dreamers and the blood, sweat, and tears of the thousands of volunteers, it would not exist.

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cover roses ringRose’s Ring: Inheritors of Silence and Secrets
An historical novel, based on true facts, Rose’s Ring is the story of Rose Donovan, a TV reporter from Chicago, always on the lookout for a great story. Rose feels she is going nowhere fast. After the death of her mother, she inherits a ring and a diary that takes her back to Ireland during the years of the Great Hunger via a shipwreck in the waters of the Lake she lives near. Interwoven in her own family story is the plight of a group of Native Oneida people and the fate of a runaway slave, whose decision to stop running sets in motion events that culminate in a shipwreck in Lake Michigan. Rose’s journey to the past frees her to create her own future. Rose’s Ring started life as a screenplay (See Current Projects).

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cover your family storyYour Family Story To Go
An interactive journal and guide to help you find that story—your own and those of your family members—and to organize those experiences into meaningful narratives. The most important story you’ll ever learn is your own!! All books are available on

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